29 reasons why money is marvelous and why you should do your personal ‘marvelous money’ exercise

Most of us have a screwed up view of money! I bet if I asked you to publicly say why you love money, you’d get all cringey about it. If you had to, you’d admit you love money because you’ve experienced the joy of buying yourself something you really want. But we’re not meant to love money (because ‘money isn’t everything’, right) so you certainly don’t have a giant list about your love of money and we certainly shouldn’t be having a money conversation so publicly. Guess what? I feel exactly the same! I am terrified but I am publicly sharing my exercises from Jen Sincero’s book, ‘You are a Badass at Making Money.

Would you agree with these statements?

  1. Money can add awesome things and experiences to life

  2. Being rich can seriously benefits others

  3. Beautiful things have happened in this world thanks to money

No matter your views on money, my guess is you can’t say no to any of those statements. Money is beautiful and powerful. Money can open doors and make massive positive change. Money is marvelous.

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Why do you deserve money?

Why do you deserve money? Well this is a loaded question! It might immediately conjure up other questions. Do I really deserve money? Do some people deserve money and others not? Do some people deserve more money than others? Why should I deserve money when others clearly have even less than me?

In this blog I’ll cover:

  1. The meaning of the word, ‘deserve’

  2. 15 reasons why I deserve money

  3. Tips on how to more easily discover why you deserve money

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A life long dissatisfaction with money and what I’m doing about it

I have been dissatisfied with money all my life.

In early childhood I became aware of the doors it could open and close, depending on whether you had it or not. Whilst I had a great childhood, many of the doors I wanted to open were locked! In my teens, my cousin and I plotted how we would make it big so we could buy whatever we wanted (we now know there’s more to just buying). In my twenties I got my dream first class degree and my first proper job. Except in the end, it wasn’t so ‘proper’ and neither was the job after that.

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