When it all seems so hard

Image sourced from  Flickr

Image sourced from Flickr

There are times in my journey when there is a road block at every turn. Plan A didn't work. I am just about on plan E, wondering if I'll get it right by plan Z! When things don't quite flow, I get to thinking why:

  • Why would God have let me get this far if it wasn't meant to work?
  • Why do people that should, not understand, or believe in my vision?
  • Why do I ever so slightly doubt my own vision?
  • Why am I stuck, with every door slamming in my face? 

When these dangerous questions loom, I have to think of another set of why's. Why am I on this journey in the first place? Why is it so important that I do this? Why must I achieve my goals. These are my why's: 

  1. I must help my parents enjoy their 'senior' years (they will kill me for calling them 'senior'). More financial freedom is required, and they need time and money to pursue some of their lifelong dreams.
  2. I have a lot to prove. All my life I have been the poor country mouse. The poor relation. The one with the odd family, the one with weird and wacky ideas. I have a few people to show that I am making it. In a big way.
  3. My roots are tied to Zambia and Africa, the continent which is cursed by flies, and AIDS orphans with malnutrition. Actually, despite what the media may show, there is so much more. I am joining the army of Africans who are telling a different story through our own personal journeys to success.  
  4. I want to contribute to society in some way. I can't stand the thought that I have been given life, only to slip into death, not having achieved anything of substance. I am passionate about education, children and entrepreneurship. I'm not sure how yet, but my calling lies here. I must succeed financially so I can make a big impact here.

When I think of this set of why's, I find a deeper energy, an understanding that nothing worth having was ever easy. When it all seems so hard for you, think of these kind of why's.