When are you having another baby?

Marley is nearly 5 months old! He is big and bouncy and boisterous. And people are already asking, 'So, when are you having another baby?' Seriously?

But here's a scary thought. There really is something to think about here. If we want a small age gap, (like an 18 month gap) between two little ones, I'd need to be pregnant again by October this year! What a horrific thought.

My body has not recovered. My life is still upside down. Our relationship is still adjusting.

But the truth is, we don't want a big gap. We'd rather finish the  phases and be done with them. Who want to finish the nappy phase and then start it again 4 years later? Who wants to get used to blissful uninterrupted sleep only to start the very real nightmare again?

Oh, what to do...