Turning challenges into positives

Sleep. It's a simple thing really. Well, its wonderfully complex from a scientific and biological perspective. Whichever way you look at, sleep becomes a very different experience after you have a baby.  

After 14 weeks (yep, that's three and a half months) of hideous nights with Marley, quite a few tearful breakdowns (mine and Marley's) I decided to take on sleep as a challenge. I became a seeker of sleep knowledge. I read books and websites like Precious Little Sleep and Baby Sleep Site.

Marley is now nearly 20 weeks old. For the last week or so we have all been enjoying blocks of three to four hours of sleep. That may sound like a broken night to you, but considering Marley started off waking hourly, this stage is snugly (as night time should be) and absolutely blissful!

How did we get here:

  • Marley is getting older and his sleep cycles are naturally maturing
  • Day time naps, although still a battle, and very short, at 30 to 40 minutes, have become essential ingredients for a good night
  • Stopped automatically feeding Marley every time he woke
I know its not always going to be smooth sailing. But I have learnt that no matter how bleak the situation (and I think this has been one of the bleakest experiences of my life), challenges will usually give way to a lesson, blessing or new beginning. 
— //Sara Drawwater

This ongoing experience has turned out to be all three for me, lessons, blessings and new beginnings.