To adjust your expectations — part 2

After reading yesterday's post I feel I didn't really get into the point about adjusting expectations. Since Marley was born, I've been pushing myself to achieve a long list of things that are important to me:

  1. Take care of Marley
  2. Cultivate my relationship with hubby
  3. Get back into shape post pregnancy— eat well and exercise
  4. Two hours a day minimum on my work
  5. Maintaining and tidy and organised home
  6. Finish the house project
  7. Quiet spiritual time
  8. Time to just live, be and have fun

Just this week, something clicked for me. It was hard enough juggling all these plates before I was a new Mum, so how can I expect myself to achieve all this now? 

Now I see that the pressure I was putting on myself was stifling.


Some great people in my life gently helped me to reach this conclusion for myself (hubby, Mum, Dad, Mother-in-law). I didn't want to hear it and I reached breaking point before I could admit I had a problem. Once there, I was able to start addressing the problem. 

The solution is to adjust my expectations, to be kinder to myself and accept change. For a season some things are going to have to take a back seat. The challenge is working out what can slip when everything is so important to me. I'm still working on that. And I keep telling myself, "I'm not giving up, giving in or admitting defeat".

p.s. This post took a wee bit longer than my 10 minute deadline. But it's Saturday night, Marley is in bed (oh yeah) and I have a little more time. Now hubby and I are going to attack the crackers and cheese :-)