To adjust your expectations — part 1

Today's 10 minutes of writing very nearly didn't happen as it's nearly 10pm already. Yesterday afternoon, Marley had his vaccinations. Today he has been feverish and in need of lots of attention. It's been such a 'where did the time go day' that I didn't even get to shower until about 8pm. (How can than be? Have a baby and you will see!)

To get him to sleep I took him (and the dog) out for a walk. I slung a hoody over a tea stained top, perfectly matched with some tracky bottoms (now too big for me - yay) and shoved my hair in a bun. Oh and I did brush my teeth and wash my face. 

And just as I imagined I would, I bumped into someone I knew. Why or why?! That always happens when you look your worst. And it is always someone rather glamorous (or hunky).

This kind of day got me thinking that I just expect myself to do and be too much. Is this giving up, giving in and admitting defeat? I'm hoping it's more like adjusting my expectations to fit in the very important job of bringing up a little boy.