Things you won't believe about being a new Mama

I'll write these down but until you actually take a baby of your own home, you will not really understand (I'm sorry to the Mamas I judged pre Marley). Mamas out there will know exactly what I mean... If you're not yet a Mama but plan to be, try and take heed without thinking, 'It can't be 'that bad'....'

  1. Time went from to what everyone says, 'I have no time' (whilst they watch TV) to, 'Seriously, I have no time, like never before'.
  2. No one wrote a manual for this. And I don't mean it like the known joke that refers to holding babies the right way up. I mean, I thought I was ready for this. I've spent lots of time with lots of kids. But yikes, having your own requires a manual that no one ever wrote. 
  3. Getting to know your baby is delightful and incredibly hard. It's utter guesswork because this tiny human can't communicate (in standard ways that big humans are used to). And yet as Mummy, you got to figure this human out, and quickly. 
  4. You spend your life looking for patterns (also known as routines that you didn't realise were going to be SO important). Patterns that exist and patterns that actually don't exist (although somewhere in your sleep deprived mind you obviously thought they did). Patterns that are hear today and gone tomorrow. Closely linked to point 3 above, you look for patterns so you can figure out the needs, likes and dislikes of your tiny human. At least you tell yourself that is what you are doing.  

And thus, 10 minutes of writing is up. This is hard!