The issue with our ageing selves

Someone I know is turning 30. And so we turned to the conversation about how much it bothered her. I too am guilty of this negative age talk. It's never been an issue before. Probably because I was on the right side of the years.

But I'm turning 36 this year so I am helter skeltering towards my 40th. The thought unnerves me! Why? Mainly because I don't feel like I have achieved everything I should have by now and I have so much left to do. I really don't feel that 'old' and I certainly don't want to give in to an aging body.

I want to stay slim, unfrumpy and energetic. I want to stay relevant. I want more time to explore, learn and grow.

Equally important to me is the ability to age with grace. And so I need to bury the issue and come to terms with my ageing self.