The 'book ends' of your life

I met with two old friends today, Philomena Timberlake who works with her husband Mark to produce online courses and Corrina Kennedy of Pathway Balancing. We are all self employed and have met every 5 weeks or so for the last 8 years! We're somewhat of a mastermind group and have seen each other through some very bleak times and some very joyous times, both in business and personally.  

Today we talked about the things that form the foundation and support of your life — the ‘book ends’ that keep you from toppling over.

These are things that are core to your life, like key people, beliefs, routines and work.

It made me think about my 'book ends' and how much I appreciate them. I'll write about these in more detail when I have more time. Actually, I never have more time so I'll rephrase that. I'll write about these another day, in another 10 minute slot. In the mean time, what are your book ends? Have you stopped to appreciate them lately?