The art of being lost

Today, Marley was asleep when I got to the Doctor's for his weigh in. To give him a little more time to sleep, I decided to walk on down a street I'd never been on before. I ended up a little lost trying to make my way back. 

Getting lost might be frustrating but it forces you to use roads you have never used before. When you’re lost you’ll notice things you never saw before. And you always find the way to your destination.

I was thinking about how getting this concept of getting lost applies to my life. Like with this 10 minutes of writing a day project. I'm not sure of the directions, nor of where I will end up. This is also true of my life as I adapt to being a new Mama. I'm not sure what my way is, or how to find it. But being lost forces me to find solutions, find my way and find my self.