That terrifying first post

Image sourced from  Flickr's  Creative Commons

Image sourced from Flickr's Creative Commons

I have had this itch to write, just for me, for many years now. I have been fighting it. I don't have time to for this. The voice in my head that sometimes whispers, and sometimes shouts, like unforgiving waves, tells me I should be focusing on the business side of things. My heart is telling me I need a creative space of my own, a space where I can let my thoughts loose. I have given in to my heart. And I am terrified.

I feel like this rusty number one, exposing myself to the elements, in danger of getting even more rusty, as I am judged, commented on, and shared.  

Who am I kidding? With the billions of blogs out there, and my current mediocre status in society, this blog is unlikely to be judged, commented on, or shared. The point is I will have achieved something of a personal catharsis just from allowing myself to write. I am challenging myself to give myself time for this, to ramble, to be open and honest, to tell my story, to be care free, and to see what happens. Despite the billions of blogs out there, I do hope my journey will inspire and attract people of a similar ilk to me - people I can I have conversations with, learn from and ultimately collaborate with - because there is lot to be achieved, too much for one person. There is power in numbers. And therefore despite my fear, I must put on the face of fearlessness, and proceed.