So you have a goal and then you slip up — what happens?

Yesterday I didn't write :-( I was doing so well. I was so impressed with myself. I was feeling good. I remembered about my 10 minutes a day writing project at about 10pm, just as I was snuggling into my pillow after Marley's first feed of the night. The debate I had with myself was pretty intense!

"It's only 10 minutes - I could get up and do that."

"Ah, but my laptop is downstairs."

"But I'm so so tired."

"But you've been doing so well. Go on get up."

"Putting the lamp back on will disturb hubby."

"It's not the end of the world if you miss one night."

"Anyway, I will write everyday but I may not publish everyday. This is definitely part of the medium term plan."

"You really need to sleep while little man sleeps."

And so it went on until I fell asleep! Now what?

My advice to myself is to get back on the wagon immediately. The rush of negative feelings about what the heck I’m doing anyway need quashing quickly. The best way to crush them is to get back to the goal and stare it in the face. 

I've experienced this so many times. When I'm watching what I eat and then binge, 'because I deserve it' or 'because I don't feel well'. When I'm working out 5 days a week and I miss a night which equals fail. When I quit having sugar in my coffee but then I really fancy that single sugar that takes my one coffee a day from good to superb.

What happens when you slip up? Get right back to it. You’ll feel like giving up because of this one tiny fail. Don’t. 
— //Sara Drawwater