Shonda Rhimes stamps on my writing dream

My brother and sister in law were raving about I'll admit, it looks awesome.

I'm a Shonda Rhimes fan, so I watched the trailer of her course, 'Shonda Rhimes teaches writing for television'.

Things she said, struck a major cord:

I do not believe in the phrase, ‘aspiring writer’. To me, it’s just, you’re a writer. Go write... Even if you have like five kids, and you work a job, you can find 10 minutes a day to write something down. 
— Shonda Rhimes

The funny thing is I have defined myself as an aspiring writer for like, forever! And there has always been a reason not to get on and do it. The latest excuse is the arrival of our baby, Marley, now 4 months old. And I only have one kid, not five!

Yes I have no time. Who does? Maybe it's time to just write something for 10 minutes a day? It's like exercising my writing muscles right?

So, I set my timer. I have just over a minute left of 10 minutes. No faffing with editing. No perfectionism. Just publish. 
— //Sara Drawwater