Juggling Mama — baby, dog and sick hubby

It's not been a great start to the Easter Bank holiday. I didn't do my 10 minutes of writing yesterday and am quickly adding this entry while Marley has his last nap of the day. 

I was so looking forward to hubby having 4 days off. Friday morning, and bang, he landed an almighty migraine. And so day 1 and day 2 of the long weekend have been spent either in bed or on the sofa. 

And so the plans for a DIY push on the house project, family time and shared baby responsibilities were laid to rest. Instead this feels like a 7 day week plus some :-( 24/7 Marley, nurse and dog duties (to avoid the sad dog look or the sock thieving crazy dog) have kept me on my toes.

Hubby is overworked and I am desperate to fit in more work. Oh, the irony. I full to the brim of baby joys (the good and bad joys) and hubby dreams of opening Daddy daycare. Oh, the irony.

(Though, not so secretly now, I'm not entirely sure he would really settle for full time Daddy day care. I think its one of those things that looks good to him until he gets there).

I wonder what day 3 of the bank holiday has in-store?