Ideas are easy, delivery is excruciatingly difficult

We all have these ideas to do something, change something, be something. The classic example are those new year resolutions that last all of two weeks. You know, lose a stone of weight, meditate daily, stop eating sweets... It's the easiest thing to say, 'I'm going to do x'. I often say I'm going to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get fit
  3. Run faster and longer
  4. Read more
  5. Write down things I'm grateful for
  6. Write my blog (write for 10 minutes a day - what?!)
  7. Get more organised
  8. Start a business
  9. Grow the business
  10. Use Twitter better. Same for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook...

Many of these things I've started and stopped, started and stopped. The truth is, the people who are great at anything, the people who do the things we aspire to do, they have serious grit, determination and focus. It is really really hard to stay committed, to stick to the course, to climb the mountain. 

Nothing is easy. Nothing falls in your lap. Nothing is down to luck. Nothing happens when you do nothing. 
— //Sara Drawwater