Figuring out this blog — part 2

A month ago I wrote how I was inspired to stop making excuses and to write for 10 minutes a day. This all happened because of something I heard Shonda Rhimes say. Four weeks in and this is my review.

Hitting publish (nearly) everyday after just 10 minutes has been a useful challenge to get me to stop worrying about what people think and to stamp on perfectionism which has been a serious limiting factor.

On the flip side, hitting publish so quickly has made me worry that I'm just churning out quantity over quality. I mean who has time to read a daily post anyway? But then I remind myself that my main reason for writing at this stage is to strengthen my writing muscles and not about developing a readership (yet).

I figured a middle ground would be that I don't have to hit publish everyday. So long as I spend at least 10 minutes a day writing, I can write longer posts, series posts and more carefully thought out posts. I could allow myself the time to include imagery that the 10 minute limit has simply not allowed. Publish less often but better quality.

The danger is I will overthink things and end up back in the land of perfectionism that results in never hitting publish at all. 

Building on part 1 of figuring out this blog I need to spend more time clarifying what I will focus my writing on. I need a content plan but the danger of this is that I will overthink it and stop writing in favour of too much planning! 

Clearly, I have a lot of jumbled thoughts and ideas to wade through before I am happy with what I am doing. Maybe I will never be happy. Creative people are after all their own worst critics. I'm proud of myself for getting this far, but between now and happy, I must continue hitting publish.