Do not judge the Mother's meeting

I used to judge groups of Mother's and their offspring. Sipping coffee, delving into sweet treats and using up all the space with their buggies. I would think to myself, "That will not be me. I will not have time for that. Surely, there is more talk about that baby talk anyway."

The tables have turned. I am now a Mother. I take back all the judgy things I thought and said because I need these Mother’s meetings like I need air to breathe.

Here's why:

  • Mother's know what I am going through physically and emotionally
  • Mother's know about the changing dynamics of relationships (with husbands, partners, friends, family and colleagues) as a result of getting used to life with a tiny human that can't help but demand all your attention
  • Mother's have the same dilemmas and challenges about balancing careers with motherhood 
  • Mother's are going through similar challenges - sleep deprivation, growth spurts, brain leaps, development phases like teething, weaning and napping and the to buy or not to buy debates about the million and one things you could get for your little one
  • Mother's understand if I'm totally late, if I arrive with my top inside out (or worse, stained with some kind of unwanted liquid) or if I forget to brush my hair. 

I met a wonderful group of Mother's to be, through NCT. Now, we meet once a week to sip coffee, delve into sweet treats and use up all the space with out buggies. We go for walks, meet at each other's houses and in time, I'm sure we'll hang around in playgrounds.

We laugh and cry together. We have a very busy Whatsapp group. We share worries, wins and whines. It's an essential support group for Mother's going through an almighty life change.