Appreciating when you can't do something you want to do

Yesterday the sun was out and we had a lovely day as a family. Hubby and I want to start taking turns doing Park Run on a Saturday morning (until Marley can scoot round then we can all do it together :-). We went to Ferry Meadows to do a recce and had a lovely long walk round the lakes with Marley and Rocki. We had a coffee in the sunshine and then looked round the gift shop which surprised me because it was filled with lots of nice pieces.

The rest of the day involved sitting in the garden and a tasty family BBQ before we raced back home to get Marley in bed on time. 

We decided to chill out in bed and take in the evening sunset (this is a dawn view). But when I got my laptop out to do my 10 minutes of writing, hubby wasn't very keen. "Talk to me instead," he said. 

Sometimes you have to choose between two good things. Celebrate and appreciate this.

Thinking about it for a split second, I figured that kind of invitation wasn't worth getting frustrated about. Appreciating that I had two good things to do at the same time, I decided to write twice today and enjoy the conversation.