Absolute mind blanks — is this sleep deprivation?

Yesterday I completely forgot to write! Since I started this 10 minutes of writing a day, I've been conscious of my commitment and the need to write each day. I knew when I slipped up and didn't write. But yesterday, this blog was something I just didn't think about.

It wasn’t a hideously overwhelming or terrible day. I’ve had a lot of them in the last four and a half months but I can’t say Marley was difficult.

I just blanked. And the slightly concerning this is that these mind blanks have been happening quite a bit, enough for me to notice. The biggest worry has been when I can't remember a word I should absolutely know, like a term I use all the time for work, or one I have literally just used. 

I’m putting it down to my four and a half months of not a single full night’s sleep (otherwise known as torture).

I can blame sleep deprivation right? But as Marley gets better and better at sleeping I should see an improvement write?