I am the determined, stubborn and precocious Co-founder and builder of Something Beckons and the Best of Zambia. I have lived my 30+ years with one foot in Zambia, and one foot in England. This has been a blessing. I look at things differently. I am a seeker of things untold.


I am a weird mix — hard as nails, and incredibly emotional; a creative soul, with an appetite for business; an educated fool, because I don't have all the answers; a mixture of Zambian, English and Scottish blood runs through my veins — a true child of our colonial history; I am both judgemental and kind.

I have been given a few basic ingredients — an education, inspiration and vision. This blog is an account of what I am doing with these basic ingredients. It is my journey towards making my life unaverage. After all, life is too precious, and too short, to accept average. I believe choosing the road less traveled will enable me to make the impact I dream of making.

These are the ups and the downs. The tears and the smiles. The wins and the failures, and therefore, the lessons.