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1999 was the year of the big move. My Mother needed to be near her aging parents. The decision was made for us to move to England.

My early years in England were quite brutal. I didn't mix well. I was met with impenetrable tight knit groups. It felt like they had known each other forever, like they had never been beyond their town, their streets, their little world. Quite frankly, most of them hadn't. I was alien in so many ways. 

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14 war songs: for those fighting spirits, gunning for more

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This blog is for people like me. People who are giving their everything. People whose chosen path is strewn with love lost, forsaken pleasures, and a million mistakes. People like this will know that there are always days, sometimes weeks, and even months, when you need to find an inner strength from deep within. You need to grit your teeth and fight on through the pain, the ridicule, and the insecurities. The battle WILL be won, and these war songs will help you keep focused and fighting, even when you have gone way past the 12th round.

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