How to earn more, be a contented Mama and teach your children life enhancing money principles

Let’s figure things out, light the fire within and believe we can.




It’s so core to our existence and yet so few people talk about it. I feel like a complete impostor talking about this because my money story ain’t pretty. It’s a story of confusion, clarity, shame, confidence, success, failure, longing, letting go, anger, reconciliation, hustle, peace… Yep, it’s a mixed bag of crazy! As I head toward the big ‘40’ and find myself a mother (eek) I feel a sense of responsibility to figure this money thing out - for me, for my family, for my son. I am such a major influence in his life and I’d like somehow to teach him how to love, respect and cultivate money better than I have. If you join me on this exploration, know that it is both terrifying and cathartic for me.


Oh motherhood. You are bitter sweet. Motherhood is filled with many buckets. Bucket loads of love, joy and satisfaction. Bucket loads of insecurity, fear and frustration. Motherhood is also strewn with many empty buckets. Time. Sleep. You. There is no time. Sleep is diminished, either by the needs of your offspring, or by the sheer amount you are trying to pack in to 24 hours. You will default to forgetting who ‘you’ is and will need to make a conscious effort to prioritise your-‘self’. My motherhood journey is a roller coaster - twisting, turning, speeding, peaking, dipping, rising, falling, souring, crashing, flying… From simple tips to deep and meaningful, I’m sharing it here.


How each of us defines ‘meaning’ in life will be very different. How we define it tomorrow might be very different from today. Finding meaning is a life long lesson in figuring out what fills your cup, and what drains it. Whilst I have spent much of my life hustling and giving way too much of myself, I have come to realise that my cup is filled by things we often shun. Self love. Rest. Physical, mental and spiritual health. Gratitude and appreciation. Acceptance of what is, whilst navigating towards the true desires of our heart and soul. These will be by notes on making it to a meaningful and fulfilled life.



About me


I am determined, stubborn and precocious. I have lived my 35+ years with one foot in Zambia, and one foot in England. I look at things differently. I am a seeker of things untold. I am a weird mix — hard as nails, and incredibly emotional; a creative soul, with an appetite for business; I am both judgemental and kind; I probably come across confident, but I’m at war with my self talk. A mixture of Zambian, English and Scottish blood runs through my veins — a true child of our colonial history.

I’m Sara. I love deep conversations. I love helping people figure things out, light the fire within and believe they can. I hope my money, motherhood and meaning journey shines a light for you.